Message from the CanFel Foundation Board of Directors

The CanFel Foundation was established and generously funded by the late Sandra Bond to continue her life’s work promoting the humane and ethical treatment of all animals. Of particular importance to Sandra was her work to develop and encourage humane education and spay/neuter programs.

The CanFel Foundation was registered as a public charitable foundation in 2013, and has worked since then to promote the humane treatment of animals through gifts given by it to registered Canadian charities. Since its registration, CanFel has gifted over two million dollars to registered animal welfare charities in Canada to support specific, worthwhile animal welfare programs.

In accordance with Sandra’s wishes, CanFel has annually supported worthy programs in amounts that exceeded its annual investment earnings, with the result that CanFel’s assets have been gradually depleted over time.

As a result, CanFel will not be soliciting funding applications for consideration for the balance of this calendar year. Instead, funding applications are sought for the Spring of 2024, in anticipation that the resulting gifts may finally deplete the totality of the Foundation’s assets.

Specifically, applications are solicited to be received by CanFel on or before Friday, May 17, 2024. Applications will not be considered prior to this date.

The CanFel Foundation thanks all those animal welfare charities that have applied to it over the years and looks forward to receiving further applications in the Spring of 2024.

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The CanFel Foundation is a registered charity designated as a public foundation. It was established and generously funded by the late Sandra Bond in support of animal welfare.

Sandra Bond was a businesswoman who made her home in Guelph, Ontario. She was an early and passionate advocate for animal welfare; she particularly supported programs designed to instill humane values in children, and spay and neuter programs designed to reduce the number of unwanted companion animals.

"Whatever I have contributed has also been, and continues to be, a wonderful learning experience for me."

—Sandra Bond